vision + goals

vision + goals. 2 words I became very familiar with during my time spent at lululemon. I remember the first time participating in a vision + goal setting session as a new lulu employee. I wrote down whatever shit down that came to mind based on what I thought I should be doing in life. I once ran a half marathon because of this, I also thought I wanted to get a motorcycle (inspired by my badass friend Ava), but I’m pretty sure I’m traumatized from crashing my dirt bike numerous times as a child. That being said, the goals I set that weren’t authentic were A) super hard to find motivation for, or B) I just dismissed them completely.

So I thought I’d give another shot at this whole goals thing, and get really, really honest with myself about I wanted in life. Michelle, a coworker at the time, spent an afternoon with me at English Bay conversing about life, hopes, passions. This was the first time I said it out loud, the life I actually desired at the core of my being, my vision. It felt vulnerable, and almost kind of silly rolling off my tongue because the life I craved was sooooo far away from the life I was actually living. I spoke about love, my future family, what I did for work. I described my home, how I spent my days, down to every last detail like smells, colours, the food I ate, how I felt inside. Speaking my true vision made me feel at peace and in a way this was where I planted the seed.

Life’s a trip. I often staggered off the path, participating in things that didn’t align with who I was at my core. I pursued different roles within work, had a variety of friends at times, tried on things just to see how they fit. And even though some days I sat in defeat thinking what the fuck am I doing and questioned the purpose of life, that seed of my vision still remained inside.

I’ve had to let go of people that didn’t align or support my highest potential + happiness. I’ve been dead ass broke + heart broken. I’ve moved, changed careers, taken leaps of faith. I’ve lost myself + sight of who I am. But through all of this, the highs + lows, I knew the life I longed for.

And here I am, years down the line. I am living my life in truth and I can feel how that vision is alive inside of me. I’m doing the work I always knew I was here to do, teaching, sharing ways to make the yoga practice accessible and relevant to everyday life. Being super real, imperfect and messy. Being me. In hopes that my vulnerability, creates a safe space for others to feel comfortable enough to be themselves.

I have a long way to go, but have came very far since the first time I even considered the words ‘vision + goals’ in a sentence together. And I’m passionate about sharing these tools with you.

If you’re curious, join me and lululemon Kelowna this Thursday, January 24th from 6:30-9pm @ the Forum. See the Facebook event for more details. Tickets are $10, click here to purchase and reserve your spot. All proceeds go towards supporting youth wellness at the Foundry. There will be conversation + snacks. I will be leading a meditation to get us grounded before we move through the work. Hope to see you there!